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Ben Dieterly

Hey LifeGate!

Our names are Ben and Hope Dieterly and we currently live in Lincoln University P.A. with our two boxer dogs, Bruno and Bailey. We have been married since November of 2015 and currently have no children.

Hope is a registered pediatric intensive care nurse working at Nemours Children’s Hospital of Wilmington in Wilmington; D.E. Hope has worked as a PICU Nurse for 9 years. Hope was saved at the age of nine but also rededicated her life at age 20 on a medical mission’s trip to Panama in 2010.

I (Ben), grew up in an Assemblies of God Church in Rhode Island and taught the Bible from a young age, but did not make my parents faith my own until age 15. At 17, I started to work as the volunteer youth leader at my home church and quickly fell in love with ministry. Feeling a call into ministry, I was part of the first class of Ground Zero Master’s Commission moving from Rhode Island to Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. I spent 3 years as a student and then 4 years as a staff member before Masters Commission moved to NJ in May of 2012. I then became the Youth Pastor of the Christian Life Center in 2012 and eventually transitioned to the Outreach Pastor in 2018.

Hope and I met at our home church at the end of 2012 and started dating the following year. We believe that God brought us together to accomplish more in the kingdom of God together. In 2021, we felt as if God was stirring our hearts to transition away from the Christian Life Center and felt a confirmation of that calling in July 2022. We are excited to see what adventure God brings us to next. We continue to seek what God’s will for the next season of life, which we trust will be LifeGate Assembly.

- Ben and Hope Dieterly


Example Sermons:

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